We started with two options: demolition of the existing 1970’s structure to give way for an entirely new building or an addition to the exisiting old structure.

Electing to retain the old building gave rise to the solution of light weight metal panels covering the old parts. Thus, the new office building is a renovation exercise leveraging an exciting skeleton structure to transform an old structure into a modern five-story office building. 

Building materials were chosen according to their ecological suitability, the most visible element being a panel facade made entirely of various metal sheets including roof corrugated panels in different colors. The design of metal facade combines a high degree of thermal insulation with strategies of intelligent engineering. The space underneath the new building provides covered parking for vehicles.

Project credits:


Building size: 2020 m²

Architecture: Shilo Ben Aroya Architects

Client: Promedico, LDD

Location: Petah Tikva, Israel

Construction engineer: Vera Neustain consulting engineers ltd

Photography: Amit Giron


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