2015-2016 Cultural

We created a hypothetical reconstruction of archaeological cities, creating an actual physical place for exhibited artifact, in which, the visitors can physically engage with the past.



The theme of archeological cities is present throughout the project, both as an idea and in actual design. The new park is composed of a series of suggested substructures or floor plan layouts, which were deeply inspired from maps and layouts of the classical world and the local architecture traditions. 


Project credits:


Gross park area: 10,000 m²

Architecture & Exhibition design: Shilo Ben Aroya Architects

Commissioner: Michael Saban- from the Israel Antiquities Authority

Archaeological Curatorial: Ayelet Grover- from the Israel Antiquities Authority

Concrete frool: Studio Beton

Concrete: Eco Beton

Lighting Design: RTLD, Hila Mayer

Rendering: Gilad Lan, architect

Photography: Amit Giron


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