2003-2005/ Residential

In a small space the whole issue of circulation is particularly important.

This project is basically a renovation of a small flat in Tel Aviv. Initially, we started with a space of 75 square meters on first floor and added another 25 square metes on the roof level, while making the rest of the roof usable, with the challenge to squeeze in a family of six. A silicate brick wall (traditional local limestone wall) in the center partitions the open studio from the private rooms, as well as the set of stairs up to the roof that spirals around the silicate brick. Details of silicate brick wall were designed and tailor-made to suit this particular project. The new architecture deals with the question of how the space is partitioned according to the way one moves around within it and experience the space during the course of the day.


Project credits:


Gross flat area: 90 m²

Architecture & Interion design: Yoram Shilo Architect

Photography: Amit Giron

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