2003-2007/ Residential

In looking at the work, the viewer clearly perceives that light has been factored in as another material

This house is all about adding layers to a tilted box. The first layer added to this envelope is composed of wooden shutters shading windows of the rooms opening on the south and north facades. These shutters function as screens to stage-manage sunlight and enhance the exterior landscape; they slide on custom-made rails, and are longer and wider than the associated windows, challenging the traditional relation of openings and shutters in which the size of the opening in the wall determines the size of the shutter. They allow the screens as a group to create a moveable and playful layer over the static tilted box.

The creeper on the stainless steel grid wires is the second layer added to the building. It covers the bathroom windows for privacy and creates a green surface detached from the box. A vertical opening on the tilted wall allows for vertical circulation. A staircase made of open steel boxes, welded to each other with a glass handrail, allocates light and a vista into the rooms as well as a peripheral view to the exterior.

Project credits:


Gross floor area: 300 m²

Architecture: Shilo Ben Aroya Architects

Interior design: Yankale Zenker

Engineer: Rokach Ashkenazi

Construction Manager: Yigal Zakai

Light design: Noa Lev

Aluminum windows: Apex

Wood work: Mosa Masterial

Concrete floor: Ran Abengan

Steel work: Yarden Nachmias

Landescape: Pnina Hayut & Yaron Reshef 

Stainless steel: Roni Naim

Photography: Amit Giron

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