2012- / Masterplan

We offer a system rather than a building

The proposal for a master plan of a rural community is based on a flexible modular grid system to accommodate a mixture of zones of industry, commercial, transportation and green energy. The design guide-lines for the 100,000 square meter area are set to unable the separation of automobiles and pedestrians, to locate side-by-side industry and commercial zones, parking and walking areas.

The construction proposal is based on a grid, and entails a flexible system that enables a variety of building sizes while preserving the urban density scale. We offer a system rather than a building.  

The plan includes several aspects of modern energy conservation systems, such as double-layer skin buildings in order to reduce energy expenses, panels of photovoltaic cells on the roofs, and the use of natural light in the industrial spaces.


Project credits:


Gross plot area: 100,000 m²

Project team: collaboration of Shilo Ben Aroya Architects with Luis Rojo de Castro and Gilad Lan Basic APP, Madrid

Commissioner: Yad Hana, Ashi Shlain

Rendering: Gilad Lan, architect

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